Melita Bargh

Hamilton office

With a diverse background in retail and healthcare administration, I bring a unique blend of skills and experiences to the realm of property management. Over the course of three years in property management, I've honed my abilities and developed a work ethic centred around effective communication, impeccable time management, and unwavering flexibility—a trio that ensures harmonious relationships with both tenants and landlords.

My proactive and detail-oriented approach to work reflects my commitment to excellence, coupled with a constant drive for process improvement. I believe in staying open-minded and creative, always ready to devise innovative solutions to challenges that may arise.

Consistency and a positive mindset are my keys to success. These principles guide my work, fostering an environment of reliability and optimism that translates into value for clients. Beyond the professional sphere, I bring a passion for hockey, a love for music, and an appreciation for the outdoors—elements that contribute to a well-rounded and vibrant perspective.

Choose Melita as your property manager, where dedication, innovation, and a positive spirit converge to elevate your property management experience.


What our clients are saying

Melita is an exceptional property manager. She is always friendly, positive and helpful. She never makes you feel like you are a bother, and she goes the extra mile to assist you in any matter. It is so nice to have someone who you know you can call and will always receive your call without making you feel like she's too busy or not interested. Melita gets things done promptly and efficiently for the property owner, with full respect and care for the tenants as well. I really appreciate her way of working, and highly recommend her to anyone looking for a great property manager. Thank you, Melita! :-)

Fiona Apple